The Matrix Films

They chart the attempts of one man, Neo, to overcome the present worldly system and find the Truth. In doing so, he gets into a position to be able to help others and lead them towards the city of Zion, where they can be truly free. The film is full of imagery and symbolism, but where does it come from? And what does it point to? Could the films actually be pointing to a real situation?
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Star Wars - Episode 1

Star Wars, Episode One has been a great commercial success. Some critics were less than complimentary, especially in Science Fiction circles and Star Wars purists are quick to point out anomalies with the other Star Wars films. Yet despite all this, George Lucas had another hit on his hands and plans for the next two films are already in motion.
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The X Files

Strange disappearances, returning from the dead, healing powers, non- human intelligences; these and many other phenomenon are the stuff of investigations by Mulder and Scully in the cult TV series The X-Files. This programme has probably done more than any other, to generate interest in what is described as the para-normal. Yet this fascination has always been there and records of such occurrences exist in ancient writings, going back 3,500 years, or more.

Another similarity with the X-Files, is that these ancient writings also have an underlying theme running through them. You know how Fox Mulder and Dana Scully exercise their conspiracy theories on a weekly basis, trying to make sense of events and trying to discern who is pulling the strings behind the scenes - in their case, mysterious departments of the American Government. Surprisingly, the ancient writings previously referred to also reach the same conclusion, namely the World Governments will conspire together to oppose the forces of good. The writings also contain remarkable prophecies pointing to when these events will come to a terrifying conclusion.
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