Who is the Priesthood today?

As Christians, is our role an active one or passive? Is it our job to preach, to encourage and to visit the sick, or are those jobs best carried out by someone who has attended a theological college?
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The Turin Shroud - the Bible Evidence

The Turin Shroud has been the subject of much controversy for many years. Those for and against its authenticity have trotted out scientific information to support their viewpoint, but is this the best course for Christians to take?

I will state right from the outset that I’m no expert on the Turin Shroud or carbon dating etc., but I do feel that we can refer the the Bible, which, after all, ought to be our authority on all things related to the Lord Jesus Christ. So let’s see what’s written in the Bible.
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The Da Vinci Code - Fact of Fiction?

When Entertainment is sold as History

Many people enjoy reading novels or watching films as a way of relaxation. Sometimes stories can be based on fact or a true life story. However, this does not stop the author or Hollywood from changing the facts to suit their own agenda.

For instance, in the film U-571 (made by Americans, starring Americans, financed by Americans and aimed at an American audience), it is the Americans who storm a German U-Boat and capture an Enigma cipher machine, thus shortening the second world war and saving thousands of lives. Although it was based on a true story, the reality is that the two most significant Enigma captures involved only Royal Navy ships and seamen.
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The Gospel of Judas

You may have heard of the “Gospel of Judas” which is getting a lot of press coverage at the moment. This is a document which claims to give an account of Christ’s life from the perspective of Judas, the Apostle who betrayed Jesus to the Jewish Authorities. Two questions keep coming up:

  1. Is this truly an ancient document from the early centuries after Christ?
  2. Does this document give us the True Word of God?

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